What we sell

MW Farm Supplies offers a wide range of fencing equipment, and ironmongery goods, including a full range of rutland Electric fencing products

We supply good quality post and rail fencing, and general fence equipment, such as stockwire or rabbit fencing as well as small rolls of pet mesh and fencing panels.

Wooden gates are offered on a made to measure basis in a number of styles (nice ones for driveways), as well as standard and heavy duty metal gates from IAE.

We also stock a comprehensive range of protective clothing, face masks, waterproof clothing, work wear, wellingtons and boots in all sizes.

We have some larger items of equipment on sale including Bell cement mixers, industrial vacuum cleaners, Cobra walk-behind and sit-on lawn mowers, Stihl strimmers and chain saws. 

We stock a good range of hand tools spanners and hammers to shovels and forks and brushes, as well as electrical equipment from Makita, Hitachi, Sealey and ERP.

Anyone looking for plywood sheeting or stock board (STOKBORD), pig, cattle and poultry feeders or drinkers, scraping and cleaning equipment will find their needs met at MW Farm Supplies. In fact all that is needed where maintenance of your land and equipment is concerned.

We carry a good range of oils and lubricants for farm and fleet vehicles along with paint for household and machinery. Don't forget in winter times we stock de-icing salt, antifreeze, screen wask and detergent (and hats and gloves and logs and coal for that nice warm fire).

The well stocked premises also include a good choice of dog, cat , horse and poultry foods as well as a range of hutches, coups and other animal enclosures. 

Gardening Supplies

Fencing Supplies

Animal and Pet Feeds

Weedkillers to Washing Up Liquids

Larger Gardening Equipment

Fish Bait and Tackle

MW Farm Supplies, 61 Holme Road,
Market Weighton York YO43 3EW


TEL: 01430 872899